DJSlave1 (slave1) wrote in steamdenver,

2 more Fridays of STEAM! Come and enjoy them! :)


With a heavy heart and deep regret, we are compelled to inform you that after June 26th, STEAM will no longer be hosted at PURE Nightclub.

This is due to the state of the economy and the nature of the business, which is out of our control. After joint deliberation and many efforts to avoid this, it has been decided that at this point we need to break and move on.

That being said, we plan to go out with a bang for the next 2 Friday nights: June 19th and 26th! Make sure you attend as you will not want to miss what will ensue!

We completely appreciate your support over the years with Disintegration and STEAM and plan to "rally our forces" to bring you the very best events in the near future. You are the "Soul of the Scene" and make all things possible for us; we love you for it! 0N1X and Slave1 will continue to pursue this endeavor as we always have so stay tuned...

Love always,

0N1X and Slave1

Tonight we've got tickets to the VNV NATION concert on Sunday July 5th courtesy of The Gothic!!! Drink up because the 2 highest bartabs get tickets and we will give out more with a trivia question at midnight!

Darkdance & Electronica
at Pure Nightclub
2549 Welton
Denver CO
18+ $5.00 all night
21+ free b4 10, $5.00 after
Plenty of free secure parking (use lot across street)
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