DJSlave1 (slave1) wrote in steamdenver,

Tickets to The Church, Mike Rich, and Else.product this Friday @ STEAM!!

Finally something to do every Friday!


This week DJ Mike F'n Rich is subbing for DJ 0N1X so come on down and enjoy all the great music he brings to the dancefloor! If you haven't checked out STEAM yet, now is the time to do it! We've got a gorgeous venue, large dancefloor, incredible lighting, a huge well-lit secure parking lot right across the street, & cheap STRONG drinks! And most important, no drama, just dancing and a damn fine time!

This week we are continuing our showcasing of local labels and bands and are honored to welcome ELSE.PRODUCT. Justin will be vendoring @ STEAM so here is a great chance to check out the kick-ass bands on his label!!!

Also...we've got more tickets to THE CHURCH concert on Thursday June 18th courtesy of The Gothic!!! Drink up because the 2 highest bartabs get tickets and we will give out more with a trivia question at midnight!

Darkdance & Electronica
EVERY Friday night
at Pure Nightclub
2549 Welton
Denver CO
18+ $5.00 all night
21+ free b4 10, $5.00 after
Plenty of free secure parking (use lot across street)
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